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   __/  /:/\/ /__/:/ \__\:\
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    \__\/        \  \::/   

Challenge Poll

Last year around this time we started a challenge to create a little demo/intro. The result of which you can find here. This year we're looking to do another one. However first we have to decide what we're going to do. That's where this page comes in. Below there are a few short descriptions of possible challenges we can do. There is a file here where you can vote. It's append-only, you'll need to login to io to add your vote. Additional proposals can be submitted.

Prop1: opengl/sdl demo

recognizing that part of the success of the last challenge was the visual aspect. A similar challenge with similar constraints could be set up. However using newer technologies.

Prop2: bootkit

modifying a grub bootsector. to load additional code and somehow stay active while a linux kernel boots.

Prop3: backdoored virtual hardware

backdooring virtualization software of choice to provide interesting backdoors. under constraints, stealth, features, etc. These alterations should at least allow local privilege escalation.

Prop4: arm demo

writing a demo for qemu-system-arm -M vexpress-a9. and possibly other arm emulators. or even devices for people that have/want to buy an arm dev board.