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p-static - dammit jgor :/

i am elsewhere 0303081435

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chuppa wuzz here wuls was here.. with help :-)


KOrUPt passed by...

- tping
4ngr4r0x was here 22.12.08

one was here at sáb ene 10 20:10:33 UTC 2009... this level was funny (thx Torch)

SET-EZINE by blackngel

Rik was ere... Rik was ere Rik was ere Rik was ere Rik was ere Rik was ere Rik was ere Rik was ere Rik was ere Rik was ere mkultra was here on Fri May 1 15:00:15 UTC 2009 wolfram was here.....after a long delay wolfram also decided to triple-space his tag wolfram finally realized html format, and let it go! xchg from smash it!

xchg from has smashed it!

d3 was here d3, fixed your html tags... l2html. /home/level11 illuz1oN illuz1oN was here...

illuz1oN realised html & was here...

KinkyJohn Owns

KinkyJohn Owns

KinkyJohn Owns

KinkyJohn Owns

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Aphelion was here (2009-08-13)

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Dit chi-Signed by g4mm495



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sysenter was there YaY -- Xipe (Wed Oct 14 15:53:52 UTC 2009)
YaY -- Xipe (Wed Oct 14 15:54:24 UTC 2009)

OWNED BY WINDAK @Fri Oct 16 06:54:05 UTC 2009

hi carl

rofl0r pwnz

rofl0r pwnz
░░nd-color: blue; color: gray;">░tty0 was here! All your base are belong to eNtropy`

HellMan was here


for all you suckers that took the time to hijack the cookie variable in level10, it was much easier and much more satisfying to take control of $eip instead. suck it. - epixoip. Hola from xAnTiLoPa

dunamis was here

Im 6l4ck3y3. this is my twitter.

Im 6l4ck3y3. this is my twitter.

Im 6l4ck3y3. this is my twitter.

Im 6l4ck3y3. this is my twitter.



--- Magnefikko ---

X-N2O was here :o

Nice one - kohaku nushi

Durbin does it again (17:11 17/04/2010)

Kheldar made it
Kheldar made it oorang3



xx|X was here narhen solved it
A learning experience for Rowan Duffy push[RAX] and your mom (by the pigeonhole principle) tweek was here

/seb liked this one/

Zetin was here 0xmadhatter jiva[disekt] skier_ big hecker was here alphis was here behbeh\!\!\! P1ra_ was here. jtsan is masterwokin' -_- Thu Jul 7 04:46:44 UTC 2011 -Ice_breaker

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|_|_|r| - Thu Aug 18 08:29:10 UTC 2011

awe was here \o.


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A red dot appears where there has been no red dot, but a raised black mound of dirt towers over the local populace. Mon Sep 26 07:37:25 UTC 2011


Joric was here

Joric was here

                                              ,I////        I\\\\\\\\\\\I
                                            ///:///I////       I\\\\\\\
                                          //////~//////~I      =\\\I
                                          ///////I///I//?I ,   I=
                    II/////             ://MMMMIOMMMMM+$$$
                 ~////////////       ////I/MMMMMMMMMM=$$//
                ///////////////     ////I=/:MMM$MMM=MMMM=/
               ////////////////     //~////$M $\  IMM:MMM
               //////////////~      ////II/IZ $    MMMMMMMM
              ?///////////////MMM   /I//////MM/   MMMMMMMMM
              I////////////,MMMMMMM /I//////MMMMMMMmMM$MMMM
   ////////       I/I///IMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM//=I//I///I:
  //////////       /////~MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM////II/?/I/+
  //////////       /~///MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMI////I////,/   :/I
  //////////I//  //////NMMMMMMMM=MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM/////I//////    ////
  I/I///,I/ ///I   //$MMMMMMMMMM,   /MMMMMMMMMMMMM/////?/?///I I//:/
  I////////////?////MMMMMMMIMMMM     NMMMMN/,MMMMMMMM/////////:I?//
 //////////+////:MMMMMMMMM  MMMMM     MMMMMI/I/MMMMMMM///?//// /:
////////////////MMMMMMMMMM   =MMMMO   MMMMM    IMMMMMM////I:,//I
//////,II////=//MMMMMMMMM     ?MMMMM  NMMMM=   DMMMMMM////////I/
//// ///////////?MMMMMMM       MMMMMM MMMMMM   ZMMMMMM :     /,
///  /  // +////IMMMMMM        MMMMMM,MMMMMMM    MMMMM
 ///:  $//    ,~  ~M,          MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM     MM
   ////I                          ,M MMMMMMMMM
Pratox - EZ wofd was here Sun Nov 27 15:37:11 UTC 2011 skiddieleet was here zuzin/roku6185

Preju broke it

Derecho nomnom pwned by eQuiNoX__ wont was here was here
sphaaz was here zos riley wuz here

Solved by BadEIP

To easy - Peadar

Androsa :)

p1n00n3: Responsible Mass Destruction spq was here

Scilicet made it to 11:)

PWN3D by apelord ;)

bodik keystone was here

pwned by Shawn the R0ck. <==> Jun 12 2012 Beijing, China

b1b35040 is making progress... DanielG

Doktor Unicorn completes basic training. Now to see if level 11 is as hard as the T-Shirt claims it is.

Doktor Unicorn solves the refreshed version. This version was funner.

Fri Oct 5 00:28:07 UTC 2012 daehee was here. nice update! *also poop* underd0g was finally here

underd0g wuz here

hellok wonder if he can pwn level11 before 2012.12.21

~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+- sutupud ~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-

~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+- sutupud ~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-~-+-

Pacman on the roll

Simo (spiderZ) Simo (spiderZ) pwd was here Slashmolder
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idosch =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- **** CrypTlo4d3r is HERE echo =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- >> tags! *** **** CrypTlo4d3r is HERE tail tags! *** =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- florek was here


dupa.8 Thu Aug 21 10:33:54 BST 2014

itszn got it

fuck yeah

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ProjectAmmeh was here, after spending wwwaaaayyy too long on level10 - thanks ea!

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a brainfuck level? lol how gay eleete was here

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hi mom - maze hi mom - maze burrows!

burrows! Reginleif is finally here... after having to redo all levels because the passwords were changed. Really looking forward to level12ls x456 was here rainbow was here

sudhackar came here in fourth hour

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k1k00 lOl!!

FUCK MACCABI cmalekpour kurama is dumb e^(i*pi)+1=0 was here \n=== soulslayer was here ===\n



┌─────────────────────────────────────────────────┐ │ │ │ mmmmm m mmmm " # │ │ # "# mmm mm#mm m mm m" "m mmm mmm# │ │ #mmmm" #" # # #" " # m # # #" "# │ │ # "m #"""" # # # # # # # │ │ # " "#mm" "mm # #mm# mm#mm "#m## │ │ │ │ │ └─────────────────────────────────────────────────┘

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soo, i finished 'em basic ones now, eh? ... martin

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